Would you have bought this house in 2011?

 945 Virginia Ave, Grand Rapids MI

If I had told you in 2011 that we could have purchased this property for $46,000 would you have invested with me?

The answer is NO... I pleaded with people that the time was right and the returns made sense.  Everything made sense other than investors emotions at the time. 

What about six months later when I had it rehabbed and rented for $1600 per month? Would you have paid $85,000?

This was one of my first partnerships.  My good friend’s father took a chance when most people believed it was a terrible time to invest in real estate.  We continued to rent the above property for five more years at a 3.5% mortgage. We created an unbelievable cash flow of close to $9,000 per year.

In 2017, our college renters of five years finally moved on and we decided to sell the property.

Would you have paid $182,000?  Well, that’s what happened in 2017.  

The reason I bring this up is to not brag but to illustrate the point of taking action and taking a chance with someone. 

My grandfather used to say “Nothing really good in life happens when you say NO.”  As I reflect on this quote, I find myself thinking about all the good things that happened in my own life. They all started with a YES.  Yes to getting married.  Yes to having children. Etc… 

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Below is a quick interview with the investor that said yes on the above example and many other investments with me.  

You can’t control Wall Street but you can control Main Street. It’s time to get back to simple investments secured by brick and mortar real estate. 

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Kind regards,
Kyle Zimpleman, Managing Member