How to Recession Proof Your Retirement by Being the Bank

The U.S economy has been on the longest expansion ever in history.  Which begs the question- How much longer can this continue?

Many investors are sensing it’s time to lock in their gains and put some of their money where Wall Street can’t touch.  But, where can you put your money where it is safe and it can grow? 

You could put your money in the bank and earn 2%. However, wouldn’t it be better to earn 8-17% by BEING THE BANK?   

Expand Capital Group helps you simplify and take back control of your retirement by investing directly in very low balance home loans.  We sidestep the traditional banking model and deal directly with borrowers!

*You don’t need to worry about China, Fed’s interest rates, or greedy Wall Street when you invest locally in Main Street.  

Our group purchases or creates simple low loan-to-value 1st position mortgages and land contracts secured by brick & mortar real estate.  If the economy enters a recession, we’re not worried. 

We’re actually expecting it, and we have positioned ourselves to be on the receiving end for off market properties and loans. In addition, the properties and loans we have already acquired have multiple exit strategies that can make you more money than originally intended. 

For example, we can always rent, sell, or create new loans with these properties if needed.

We believe this is what investing is all about.  Controlling your own destiny. If your stock goes down, what options do you have? Sell, hold, or buy more… Not exactly a position you want to be in when a market is in a recession.

We own everyone of our investments for fraction of what others are paying for similar property.  Since we only use cash when purchasing properties and loans, we can afford to wait out any economic storm that may come. 

There is a growing movement to invest locally; where your money not only grows but grows the community as a whole.   The loans in our portfolio are a great example: 

  • The average monthly payment to the borrower is less than $550 including taxes and insurance.  Whereas, the equivalent rent is $850 to $1000.
  • Borrowers average loan balance is less than 60% of value.  This loan balance allows them to finally get out of the poverty cycle and toward lasting wealth. 

This type of investment may be for you if:

  • You’re looking for a simplified investment that only uses cash. No leverage.
  • You’re concerned about your IRA/401K or other retirement savings lasting another recession.
  • You want to take back control of your money and protect it from Wall Street’s next bail out.

Email me today at [email protected] or call me at 248-955-8222 to learn more about these opportunities.  

*Build a strong retirement that is immune to Wall Street.  If you’re rich, you put your money in the bank.  If you’re wealthy, you are the bank!

Kind regards,
Kyle Zimpleman, Managing Member