Top 10 reasons to invest:

  1. No speculative investments that are based on appreciation, land development, or require long holding periods before income is received.

  2. Investments are secured by a 1st position lien on the homes we invest. This means if the borrower defaults, we receive the collateral (the property) in exchange for the loan. If the borrower sells the property, they must pay us off in full.

  3. No leveraged debt. We are not leveraging these investments by taking out any bank loans. Instead, we are the bank.

  4. Superior equity position. Our total investment in a property is less than 50% of the fair market value.

  5. Low loan to value (LTV). Borrowers loans are typically only 60-75% of the property’s value

  6. Insurance policy. Since the property is tied to the investment, we protect our investors with an insurance policy to cover our costs should the property be compromised.

  7. Professionally reviewed loan collateral files and title work will be reviewed by legal counsel to protect interest in the properties before purchase.

  8. Regulated 3rd party service vendor for loan management to comply with all State and government regulation.

  9. Targeted performing loan strategy.

    1. We are looking for pride of ownership, good pay history and good areas. We want a true win-win situation with the homeowner. Our goal is for the homeowner to refinance at a lower rate or sell the home for a profit.

    2. We focus on loans originating between 2010-2014. Property values have risen significantly, allowing for more equity opportunity to the homeowner and/or investor.

    3. The loans during this time frame offer the most upside potential and risk protection.

  10. Three-point test for all loans.

    1. Strong equity- in case of default including rehab costs

    2. Strong borrower-good pay history for performing loans

    3. Proper paperwork- all collateral files and contracts are enforceable


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