What’s Your Problem?

I can't solve the world's problems.  I can't make soybeans in China go up in value, however, I can help a family in middle America stay in their home.  This is what I like about this business.  I find problems that are in my control to solve. 

Our firm is in a position to solve three unique problems:

1.       We solve the bank's problem

2.       We solve the borrower’s problem

3.       We solve the investor’s problem

Bank's Problem:

Financial institutions that specialize in mortgages need to create loans.  Some of those loans default and become non-performing.  When that happens, the bank has a problem.  They need to remove these loans from their portfolio.  They can afford to write off the non-performing loans.  What they can’t afford is spending the time to work out a permanent solution with the borrowers.  Any time spent on non-performing loans distracts them from their core business of creating new loans. 

Our firm purchases these loans at a significant discount. 

Borrower/homeowner Problem:

Homeowners that default on their loan need to live somewhere.  We seek to solve the homeowner’s problem by creating solutions that are mutually beneficial.

Investor’s Problem:

The real estate and stock market have reached all time highs and many investors have sold their positions and locked in their gains.  The problem is these markets have become very volatile and a correction or recession is likely.   Therefore, many investors are not willing to reinvest their capital into the very stock or real estate they just sold. 

As interest rates rise and inflation increases, their purchase power is decreased.  Banking institutions are only offering 1-2% interest to hold their money in savings. 

Our solution:

Our firm has created a new fund that provides a platform to help solve these problems.   First we put investors capital back to work for them by purchasing pools of mortgages from financial institutions at a significant discount.  Next, we work with homeowners to find an affordable solution.

We are able to achieve our goals of providing a secure investment protected by real estate and help families living in these homes where banking institutions are unable or unwilling.

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Kind regards,
Kyle Zimpleman, Managing Member

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