It's better to be the Bank

Expand Capital Group helps you simplify and take back control of your retirement by investing directly in very low balance home loans.  We sidestep the traditional banking model and deal directly with borrowers!

*It doesn't get much simpler than being able to point at a property and know where your money is invested. Its piece of mind you can't find in other investments.

Secure your investment with real estate

Below is a short video of how we protect investors with equity. We do this by targeting properties purchased from 2009-2014 and then purchase the underlying mortgage at a discount.

This strategy allows us to control off market properties at a fraction of its value.  Since we only purchase 1st position liens our investment is secured in the case of default.  Should the borrower default on their mortgage and no other options are available we would receive the property back from foreclosure.

Next Steps...

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