Top 5 Reasons to Invest

  1. No speculative investments that are based on appreciation, land development, or require long holding periods before income is received.
  2. Superior equity position. Our total investment in a property is less than 60% of the fair market value.
  3. No leveraged debt. We are not leveraging these investments by taking out any bank loans.
  4. Insurance policy. Since the property is tied to the investment, we protect our investors with an insurance policy to cover our costs should the property be compromised.
  5. Above average return. Targeted returns to our investors of 8-14%

Investment Examples:

Direct Purchase

Arnold St, Redford MI. Our group also acquired the property next door as a package. Since we were able to act fast and close using cash funds we were able to purchase at a significant discount.

Quick Stats:

$160,000 purchase for two properties. Instead of renting the properties we sold by offering seller financing (land contracts) for $215,000. This allowed us to control the investment with the minimum amount of effort and create a reliable cash flow stream. Total IRR is approximately 12.75%. Once the properties are sold or refinanced by the borrowers the overall return increases to over 21% IRR.


Our group purchases non-performing loans from lenders. Our recent purchase was from a hard money lender that needed to liquidate their Cleveland Heights, Ohio loans. We took over completing the foreclosure process and rehabbed or sold as REO on MLS.

Quick Stats:

*6 loans purchased for $422,000 with a total remaining loan balance of $831,000. Overall return was approximately 19.30%.

Performing Loans

Our special niche is performing land contract purchases. These loans were created from 2012-2015 from hedge funds that purchased thousands of properties during the Great Recession.

Quick Stats:

*27 loans are currently in our portfolio with total loan balance of $1,415,000. Total market value is $2,300,000 which represents a 61% LTV. Total IRR 14.84%