2019 Recap: I know what you did last summer!!

Actually, I don't know what you did last summer.  

But I can guess it wasn't buying a bunch of performing land contracts from a hedge fund that snagged up over 10,000 properties for pennies during the last crash.

In this cheap debt fueled market, the quest for a safe reliable income stream isn't always a straight path.  You have to find value where others can't.  This has led us into alternative real estate investments like land contracts and non-performing mortgages.  

Alternative investments don't mean high risk unproven concepts.  In fact, it's the opposite.  When you buy a mortgage from a bank or lend money,  you basically become a bank.  You start thinking like a bank, instead of an over leveraged borrower. 

You actually become better than the bank since you aren't forced to provide loans.  Instead, you can pick and choose your investment strategy. 

Our investment group focuses on being the lever instead of the leveraged.  It forces you to make sound investment decisions that aren't based on appreciation and speculation. 

When you act as a bank you it's imperative to invest in properties that already have equity and cash flow.  However, many investors are taking a very different and risky approach by attempting to create equity by raising rents or improving the property.   

If you're a contrarian investor, like those in our group, then you believe that markets have cycles and using leverage at the wrong time can create a financial wipeout. 

2020 is expected to be a very interesting year to say the least.  Because our group doesn't use leverage or buys for speculation we are positioned to make an above average return in both good and bad markets. 

If your ready to explore a better way to invest,  owning real estate free & clear and being the bank may be right for you. 

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Kind regards,
Kyle Zimpleman, Managing Member

Real Estate Bio

We identify opportunities to acquire pre-foreclosure, bank owned, and performing loans at pennies on the dollar from our network of banks and hedge funds.  This fund provides a vehicle for investors to participate in off-market real estate long before its available to the public.  This translates into above average returns to our investors and provides peace of mind that their investments are secured by equity in real estate.