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Our firm guides accredited investors toward building their wealth through three niche real estate markets.  Our expertise is in multi-family, college & single-family housing, and mortgage investing.

Currently the opportunity is in mortgage investing space.

Mortgages and loans are the source for almost all growth in this world.  Everything you see from a house, building, automobile, or farm is funded and essentially secured by a loan.  Business in general, is a loan of your time for a future return of income.

Our firm is in a position to solve three unique problems:

  1. We solve the banks problem

  2. We solve the borrower’s problem

  3. We solve the investor’s problem

Banks Problem:

Financial institutions that specialize in mortgages need to create loans.  Some of those loans default and become non-performing.  When that happens, the bank has a problem.  They need to remove these loans from their portfolio.  They can afford to write off the non-performing loans.  What they can’t afford is spending the time to work out a permanent solution with the borrowers.  Any time spent on non-performing loans distracts them from their core business of creating new loans.

Our firm purchases these loans at a significant discount.

Borrower/homeowner Problem:

Homeowners that default on their loan need to live somewhere.  We seek to solve the homeowner’s problem by creating solutions that are mutually beneficial.

Investor’s Problem:

The real estate and stock market have reached all time highs and many investors have sold their positions and locked in their gains.  The problem is these markets have become very volatile and a correction or recession is likely.   Therefore, many investors are not willing to reinvest their capital into the very stock or real estate they just sold.

As interest rates rise and inflation increases their purchase power is decreased.  Banking institutions are only offering 1-2% interest to hold their money in savings.

Our solution:

Our firm has created an investment fund that provides a platform to help solve these problems.   We first put investors capital back to work for them by purchasing pools of mortgages from financial institutions at a significant discount.  We then work with homeowners to find an affordable solution.

We are able to achieve our goals of providing a secure investment protected by real estate and help families living in these homes where banking institutions are unable or unwilling.


"I started working with Kyle back in 2010, when he was looking for investors to help grow his college rental business in Grand Rapids. At the time, real estate wasn't something I was considering. It took some convincing that this was a safe way to invest. I knew he had the experience, but trusting someone with your money isn't easy. He took the time to explain exactly what he had been doing over the years and how the financials worked. But what I liked about him is he told me we are going to have issues and its not as easy as the TV shows portray. And we did have a few problems with tenants trying to move out early and the unexpected expenses like a furnace and water heater. But each time it was handled professionally and he kept me informed. Since that time, we have worked on a number of investments and all have gone according to his financial projections or better. I highly recommend speaking with Kyle before considering any real estate investment." - Dr. Jacob Manteuffel M.D (Physician at Henry Ford)

"We began investing with Kyle after we saw the success our son was having working with him. Its not an easy business having rentals but Kyle's experience and contacts made it much easier. He always had a solution to any problems we faced and he had a clear plan for success. I probably would have never invested in real estate if it wasn't for him. I'm glad to have him part of my retirement program."  -Dr. Lawrence Manteuffel (Retired Chiropractor)

"I was introduced to Kyle after I retired from Ford Motor Company.  I was looking for a way to supplement my income with real estate investing.  Kyle taught me the right way to invest in real estate. -Roger Martin (Retired from Ford Motor Company)

"I've known Kyle since 1999, when he started his real estate business. I invested with him on his first Fund back in 2010, and he did exactly what he said he was going to do. He is known in the industry as the go to guy for real estate advice and investing." -Jason Jenkins (Mortgage Loan Officer)


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